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Doner, Chicken, Shish, Kofte. We have the best kebabs in Torquay, made with only the finest, quality ingrediants. Served with Sauce, Salad & Pitta Bread.
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Chicken Doner

Specially prepared chicken, cooked on an upright spit

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Chicken Shish Kebab

Specially prepared cubes of chicken skewered with green pepper and onion seasoning, cooked on a charcoal grill

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Kofte Shish Kebab

Minced lamb prepared with a variety of spices skewered and cooked on a charcoal grill

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Lamb Doner Kebab
Specially prepared lamb roasted on an upright spit
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Lamb Shish Kebab

Cubes of filleted lamb marinated in olive oil and onion juice, herbs and seasoning cooked on a charcoal grill

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Mixed Kebab

1 skewer of shish kebab, 1 skewer of kofte kebab, 1 skewer of doner kebab

& 1 skewer of chicken kebab. (Large)

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Torquay Mix Grill

Chicken shish, chicken doner, lamb shish, kofte shish, doner, onions, green peppers & mushrooms. (Large)

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Veggie Kebab

Onions, green peppers, mushrooms, fresh salad, cooked on a charcoal grill. (Medium)

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